FINALLY COMPLETED!!!! 1/6 Cabin Diorama.

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FINALLY COMPLETED!!!! 1/6 Cabin Diorama.

Post  Piranha on 8th February 2010, 12:19 pm

Hi everyone,

I have completed my 1/6 Log Cabin diorama (Yay!!)

I thought I would share the pics.

(I think it looks great!)

And as I said before I have decided to make the theme an old cabin being used as a strong hold for ammunition and weapons and guarded by a sentry.

List of hand made parts.
Full base and walls,
Window with glass ect,
Boxes/Ammo crates,
an eye glass and chain,
Shaving brush,
Fire pokers, stoker.
curtain and rod
and a few different sized pots and pans.
I may have forgotten something.

The weapons and other accessories are a mix of Dragon, DID, Soldier Story, ect ect.

I will get around to converting some pics to BW when I get more time.

I hope you enjoy.


PS: Sorry if there's to many pics


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