Looking for German WW2 bits and pieces

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Looking for German WW2 bits and pieces

Post  Piranha on 24th December 2009, 4:54 pm

(Please guys I need your Help)

I am looking for some German WW2 bits and pieces to bulk up some storage areas on my 1/6 vehicles. I am hoping someone out there may have a spare parts tub of German gear they want to trade.

I really want to get a few Dragon WWII German MG34 MG-34 Machine Gun.

The kinds of things I am looking for are (Pretty much Any Brand) Helmets Dak and Grey, Gas canisters, canteens, mess kits, a few pairs of DAK boots as well as normal German boots, and weapons (Machine guns) also daggers, shovels, ect ect. Let me know what you have. Please have a Look through My trade page below if there's not something your looking for as a trade Please ask I may have it.


Thank you kindly.



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