Cheap source of 1/6 bodies/accessories

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Cheap source of 1/6 bodies/accessories

Post  wackywheelz on 11th October 2009, 4:51 pm

Hey all,

Just thought I'd make fellow members aware of the "World Peacekeeper" (aka Power Team Elite) 12" figure range which are available from Kmart @ $12ea. Great articulation, and 2 of them have OK headsculpts (the blonde being a bit toy/GI-Joe looking). Bundled with well-made clothes and some handy smaller accessories.

There are 3 in the set:

Caucausian (dark hair):

- M16A2/M203
- Brown Tshirt
- 3 Colour Desert camo pants
- 3 Colour Desert camo cap
- Black gloved hands
- Wristwatch
- Belt/shoulder rig
- Tan boots


Caucausian (blonde hair):

- PSG-1 Sniper Rifle
- Black Tshirt
- Brown/Khaki cargo pants
- Woodland camo cap
- Motorola walkie talkie
- Rifle scope
- Green utility Belt
- Brown shoes



- M4A1
- Pilot/flightsuit
- Black helmet
- Large knife and belt clip
- Green utility Belt
- Black boots


If anyone wants any (within Aus), let me know and I'll get you some for cost+post. With my three I've already kitbashed them with various bits from my spares... see my display pic Wink


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